We Need A WonderFest!

We have all been missing our wonderful childrens’ books events and festivals in this time of great change and challenge…especially the kids. Books offer distraction, respite and refuge from the craziness of the world, help children cope, understand and develop tools with which to mind themselves. And to meet and work with authors and illustrators! That leaves a lasting impact on childrens’ hearts and minds that can’t be underestimated. And let’s face it, books bring joy! But, this year…it’s been challenging to bring this together.

So not a moment too soon, WonderFest is here! Taking place 20th, 21st and 22nd of November, this innovative event is Ireland’s first fully digital children’s book festival, run by an amazing team of children’s writers and illustrators, hand in hand with Irish bookshops and publishers and with the support of Children’s Books Ireland and in association with the Pavillion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire.

To explain more, here’s a word from Ruth Ennis, founding editor of Paper Lanterns and member of the WonderFest team:

“2020 has been an eventful year, to say the least. Amidst all of the changes happening around the world, it is important to celebrate the achievements of those closer to home. This year was a hugely significant one for children’s books in Ireland. From debut picture books to non-fiction titles that will help you raise your own little bookworm, the children’s literature community in Ireland is thriving. The team behind WonderFest wanted to reflect that. 

Founded by Sarah Webb, this children’s book festival is the first of it’s kind that is entirely online in Ireland. Determined to celebrate the new works of Irish authors and illustrators, WonderFest is here to highlight all the wonderful children’s books released in 2020. With events that involve drawing your favourite animals, Irish language live readings, sensory storytelling, and even panels for adults who want to write for children, there really is something for everyone!”

Nicola Pierce

Kicking off on Friday, 20th of November with a full day of school events and workshops, WonderFest then has a weekend planned of real wonder for story-loving families. WonderFest boasts 28 online events, interactive workshops and activities, and some pretty magical readings with a wealth of Irish talent; over 60 authors and illustrators like Eoin Colfer, Chris Haughton, Oliver Jeffers, Malachy Doyle and Andrew Whitson, Judi Curtin, Nicola Pierce, Lindsay Sedgwick, Sadhbh Devlin, Oisin McGann, Mary Murphy and more….Just look at this time table! So much to choose from! There’s even something for the grown-ups in the room with the Properbook webinars.

And, if you need more (and this year, we all do, the WonderFest website has a page full of free downloads for you to download and print out to bring even more bookish enthusiasm into your home or classroom!

This is a real celebration of the best that the Irish Childrens’ Book community has to offer. Best of all, because it’s online, you can access all the WonderFest wonderfulness wherever you are….yes; anywhere in the world.

So, get your tickets NOW! You won’t want to miss out on any of the wonder of Wonderfest! Here are all the links you need: http://www.wonderfest.ie

http://www.wonderfest.ie/events/ http://www.wonderfest.ie/downloads/

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