In the Dark of the Year, Come The Lightbringers (by Karin Celestine)

Outside, it’s cold and quiet while the Earth sleeps. As we busy ourselves with celebrations to ward off the dark, making candles and lanterns glow, wrapping packages in brightly coloured paper, don’t think we’re the only ones holding on to the light…

The Lightbringers by Karin Celestine


author/illustrator: Karin Celestine

Graffeg Ltd. (12 November 2020)

ISBN: 9781913634193

When the Earth has breathed out warmth and light, when she has danced and laughed her flowers and fruits and autumn has finally come, she breathes in…and the light and warmth recede from the land. Winter comes, cold and dark. But there is still a spark. Small creatures hold and protect the light. When the Hare calls, they quietly emerge from their dens, cracks and crevices…they are the Lightbringers.

illustrations: Karin Celestine

A true gift, this quiet, simple book is a treasure trove of warmth, heart and light for the darkest time of the year. Populated by Karin Celestines’ small felted creatures, we are sent to a world that follows the natural rhythms, respected and revered for the beauty that even the bleakest winter holds. It’s gentle prose opens our eyes wide to a time long gone, but with us still, the moments when we understand that we still move with nature; we still breathe as she breathes; even the dark and cold have its’ place and should be honoured within and without. And there is a promise, sure and certain that the light will return.

by Tamsin Rosewell

The Lightbringers is a wonderful book for introducing children (and reminding the “grown-ups in the room”) to the patterns of changing seasons and the life that exists in the Earth that we may easily forget. In addition to the photographs of Celestines’ marvelous felted animals, there are delicate little illustrations by Tamsin Rosewell; illuminations gracing the headers of each page. Have a close look. They are exquisite and add much to the progress of the tale. And notes by Pamela Thom-Rowe give insight to traditions celebrated in these isles that may be ancient, but still haunt us today, bubbling up through the noise and confusion of contemporary times to remind us of who we are…deep underneath.

The Lightbringers is a tale of hope, something we need in these days when we are all struggling. Reassuring and calming, utterly magical, a reminder of wonder and light and a promise. The first of four seasonal stories, this is the perfect gift for young and old.

If you are unfamiliar with Karin Celestine, please look her up on social media and her website as Celestine and the Hare. Here you will find an astounding community of mischief makers, kindness and caring and Lightbringers.

I want to thank Graffeg, Ltd, and Bethan especially for sending this wondrous gift to me for review.

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