Here’s One I Made Earlier… for LitVox

Hi guys; thanks for popping by. Here’s a quick post (repost, actually) of some brilliant books for younger readers featuring mystery and mayhem. And who doesn’t like a little mystery and mayhem in their lives, especially if it comes with unlikely and extremely madcap heroes?

I’m just giving you the link here so you can pop over to LitVox and read my thoughts on these fabulous reads for newly competent readers and to add laughter and spark to family reading time.

LitVox is THE Irish Online Bookshop and the very best place to buy books online in Ireland! Finding the right books for every customer is our passion, so there’s also a personalised book recommendation service on offer, tailored to every customer’s individual tastes! This service is completely free. No ads, no algorithms, no bias. Just real booksellers advice…check it out!

#LitVox #youngreaders

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