Everyones’ Favourite Tortoise: Albert and the Wind by Ian Brown & Eoin Clarke

Welcome back to everyones’ new favourite tortoise, Albert! But sadly, Albert seems to be having a bad day. I wonder if his garden friends can give him a hand…


author: Ian Brown

illustrator: Eoin Clarke

Graffeg Ltd (14 October 2021)

ISBN: 9781913733445

The sound of the wind harshly blowing across his patch shook Albert the tortoise awake…and then his tummy gurgled. Albert was very hungry. But just as he started to tuck into the yummy veg that had been left for him; just as he opened his mouth wide and took a big snapping bite…there was nothing there! The wind, swirling, twirling, flying past fiercely, had blown all of Alberts’ food away. Albert took of after it…but the wind and the food was too fast. Fortunately, the other garden creatures are on hand to help Albert retrieve his meal. With everyone rushing off before he gets a chance to say what he needs to say, how will Albert ever be able to thank them properly?

The second very funny and heart-warming adventure in the life of Albert the tortoise sees us lead down the garden path in a rather dramatic turn of events. Albert has a big problem when his food is scattered far and wide by the wind and it’s down to his friends to lend a hand…or a wing, or a web… (you get the picture.) But for every problem, there’s always a solution when you can work together. Those industrious garden creatures band together to spread out and retrieve Alberts’ veg, showing us the importance of helping others. But they zip off before Albert has a chance to express his gratitude, leaving him with another dilemma. Does Albert forget their kindness? Of course not! There is always room for different expressions of thanks, though it may not be what we expect. We each have our way.

Extraordinary, vivid illustrations depicted with a keen eye to the natural world and a huge dollop of humour catch very moment of the action in expressive detail, pulling the story along through the back garden. Text and image work hand-in-hand to tell a story that little ones will want to hear over and over. And there’s another page of facts about Albert (an actual, real-life tortoise who lives with the author) and his many cousins across the globe which adds interest and peaks curiosity about the world of these modern-day mini-dinosaurs. Quirky laugh-out-loud humour and the gift of warm-hearted friendship; an important lesson in working together and showing gratitude; a simply wonderful book in every way.

Many thanks to Graffeg, Ltd for sharing Albert and the Wind with me in return for an honest review. https://graffeg.com/collections/childrens-books

2 thoughts on “Everyones’ Favourite Tortoise: Albert and the Wind by Ian Brown & Eoin Clarke

  1. I have always been fond of children’s books, not only the contents but how they are done to get children to read. Having no children, I don’t know what is being read these days. You posts are a delight for me to learn what’s happening.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m delighted to hear that! For me, it’s always been childrens’ books…not that I don’t read books for grownups, just that I prefer kids books…the presentation, the storytelling…no pfaffing around with extraneous detail (kids see through that straight away) and a certain…I don’t know…honesty, I guess. And the ability to simply be somewhere else…. harder to find outside of childrens literature.


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