Lo and Behold! It’s Mouse & Mole

With winter leaning hard upon us, we’ll soon be celebrating that festive season. As you rush around, buying presents, putting up the lights and making preparations, you’ll want some wonderful, warm, cosy books to snuggle down with as the nights close in and impatience for the big day grows. It’s time for a new visit from dear friends Mouse and Mole…and it’s the perfect book for the season.


author: Joyce Dunbar

illustrator: James Mayhew

Graffeg Ltd (21 October 2021)

ISBN: 9781914079658

In Snowmole, winter is here and one morning, Mole opens the curtains to discover a thick blanket of snow has covered the ground overnight. After putting o their winter clothes and a warm, hearty breakfast on the front step, Mouse and Mole are off for some snow-filled fun. Snowball fights, sledging and of course, building a Snowmole. But as they turn to get in out of the freezing weather and the dark, deep night, Mole is worried…won’t Snowmole be lonely out there by himself?

Lo and Behold! Christmas is coming. But not soon enough for Mole! While Mouse works hard to get ready for the great day, Mole believes opening the windows on the Advent Calendar will make Christmas come quicker. He’s even taking up all of Mouses’ turns. But will it work? And if it does, how will they be ready in time?

It’s Christmas Eve in A Bump in the Night, but Mouse and Mole are sure they’ve forgotten something. Something very important. They hang their stockings and leave a tray for Father Christmas, but as they head off to bed Mole is sure there is something else they needed to do. Their Christmas lists! They didn’t post them up the chimney! As he sneaks off to do just that, Mouse thinks they need to leave more mince pies… He’d better take care of that. Will they ever be ready for Father Christmas’ visit?

Three entirely relatable stories to ring in the Christmas chimes, this is a wonderful gift for any little (or big!) ones stocking. Written with a genuine feel for the excitement of the season, it anticipates the restlessness and concerns we all have as we try to prepare everything…to make it all just right. The character-full, beautiful illustrations are detailed, expressive and capture the atmosphere, expressing the stories to perfection! With fun and sometimes puzzling adventures; quiet, satisfying joy, a real sense of friendship and heart, Lo and Behold! is filled with seasonal warmth and charm. Thank you, Mouse and Mole. Happy Christmas!

Many thanks to Graffeg Ltd for sharing Mouse and Mole: Lo and Behold! with me in return for a review. I love it…I just love it! https://graffeg.com/products/mouse-mole-lo-and-behold

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