Who’s on the Naughty List? Jingles’ Christmas Adventure by Jack Walsh

Jingles’ Christmas by Jack Walsh; illustrated by Jay Penn; Tribes Press

Isn’t it wonderful to see young people embracing their creativity, especially at Christmas time? It is the perfect time of year for children to not only read seasonal stories, but to tell their own. The old characters and familiar tales take on a special twist in the hands of kids, bringing them into today and making these adventures brand new. But imagine having a book professionally illustrated and published at the age of 12; to tell a story that brings contemporary themes, excitement and fun to the celebration? That’s Christmas magic at its’ best! Have a look at this….


author: Jack Walsh

illustrator: Jay Penn

Tribes Press (November 2021)

ISBN: 9781912441426

As Jingles the Elf was wrapping Christmas presents for the big night, Santa comes in to find help checking the Naughty and Nice List…it’s so long, now! And Jingles couldn’t believe her luck when Santa chose her. It’s a big job, so Santa and Jingles get to work! But nothing is ever quite as easy as it seems. On a day that was supposed to be spectacular, Santa and Jingles find themselves off on a Christmas journey of the most unexpected kind; through the air on flying carpets, escaping captivity in the Driftwood Peaks, to the Ice Palace all to save Christmas from menacing, present-stealing Mike O’Flaherty!

Ice Palace by Jay Penn

This is a well-imagined contemporary Christmas story filled with wonderful, fast-paced action that holds interest. Madcap, well thought out characters take us on a rocket-ride across a snowy landscape with plenty of drama and adventure. Santas’ preparation for his big day comes with modern necessities, such as a computer to keep track of the Naughty and Nice List (which, as you might imagine is REALLY long these days) and of course, there’s the obligatory glitch that sets the whole tale off on a whirlwind. Quirky situations and scenarios, laugh-out-loud moments and some touching scenes that highlight themes of community and cooperation make this a thoroughly enjoyable read…one any child will love.

Jingles by Jay Penn

The black-and-white illustrations by Jay Penn scattered through the pages add a marvelous, mischievous atmosphere, capturing small vignettes of the story, landscape and characters, bringing them to life with expressive detail.

A fun action adventure told with a genuine voice from a young author; delightful, entertaining and loads of Christmas spirit…what’s not to love?

Many thanks to Tribes Press for sharing this wonderful book with me in exchange for an honest review. https://tribespress.com/product/jingles-christmas-adventure/

To find out more about Jingles’ Christmas Adventure and Jack Walsh…. https://www.jackandeoin.com/home

And if you want to know more about Jay Penns’ illustration work… https://jaypenn.com/

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