Three New Picture Books from Graffeg, Ltd

As you might have gathered by now, Graffeg, Ltd has become one of my go-to publishers in picture books. Always giving us the very best, this small Welsh press is a delight! Here are three new picture books that I know you’ll want to chase up.


author/illustrator: Jane Simmons

Graffeg Ltd (March 2022)

ISBN: 9781802580679

Ebb and Flo find a bird sitting in their boat. And it’s sitting in Ebbs’ favourite spot! Everyone loves the bird, even Granny. So, Flo invites the bird to join them…but Ebb isn’t so sure and wishes the bird would just fly back to wherever it came from. Then, one day Ebbs’ wish comes true. Bird is just gone! Ebb has her favourite spot back, but she as to eat and sleep all alone. Ebb discovers that things just aren’t the same without bird constantly getting in the way. Will Bird ever return again?

Jane Simmons’ bright, free, expressive illustrations and flowing, clear storyline make this a story that will be read and loved for years. It’s so nice to see Ebb and Flo back again (originally published in 1998). They are a real gift! A wondrous, gentle seaside adventure filled will friendship, acceptance and belonging.


author: Zeb Soanes

illustrator: Anja Uhren

Graffeg Ltd (10 March 2022)

ISBN: 9781802580808

With Freds’ Dad busy working at the hospital, she gets to spend her summer holidays with her green-fingered Grandpa. Six glorious weeks in the countryside; she couldn’t contain her excitement! While Grandpa keeps busy studying plants in his greenhouses, there’s plenty for Fred to help with; and with Grandpas’ cat, Sir David Attenborough as her constant companion, she’s never bored. But when Grandpa shows her a map of the mysterious lost island of Papa Nupi, it isn’t long before they’re all off on the tropical holiday adventure of a lifetime…and it just might save the entire planet!

An exciting, imaginative journey across the globe that involves the reader in some extremely timely environmental issues with ease and joy, this books is just glorious! Exquisite, vibrant, detailed illustrations pull the reader through greenhouses, across the skies and into a land long forgotten. The story builds with fascination and depth, and a strong sense of inclusiveness and diversity fills its’ pages. As the tale was written to be set to a half-hour orchestral piece, the power of music pervades the entire book with rhythm and movement. It is quite “wordy”, so perfectly appealing to older children…and grown-ups. Intriguing, humourous, full of adventure…a book that is simply, deeply magical in every way.


author: Máire Zepf

illustrator: Mr Ando

Graffeg Ltd (28 April 2022)

ISBN: 9781802580464

Rita always has the best ideas…and she loves to be in charge. But sometimes other people just won’t do as they’re told. Rita wants a genie. Genies always do what you tell them to, no matter what. But genies’ don’t have just one master, do they? What if someone else got hold of the magic lamp…and made wishes that Rita didn’t like? Maybe, just maybe it’s possible to share a genie….

Yes, Rita’s back again! I love these wonderful books; just perfect for helping young children sort out complicated emotions and dilemmas. This one focuses on the difficulties of being a big sister and it is brilliant! Typical conflicts arise between the two with great insight and love…with a fantastic resolution. Delightful, quirky, funny and spot-on, when it comes to understanding sibling rivalry.

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