There’s So Much More to Albert….Albert Supersize by Ian Brown & Eoin Clarke

The Albert the pet tortoise books are just great! Based on the real-life Albert, a variety of mishaps and misadventures lead even the youngest readers through his back garden life bringing humour, friendships, a bit of drama and…if you’re not careful…you’ll learn a lot about tortoises and their relatives. The latest takes Albert into the excitement of the ancient past…sort of…..


author: Ian Brown

illustrator: Eoin Clarke

Graffeg Ltd (7 April 2022)

ISBN: 9781802580167

In the land of gigantic creatures with earth-shaking roars, Albert is the biggest and loudest of them all (at both ends.) He is the mightiest leader the dinosaurs have ever seen. And they need his help with the volcano threatening to erupt and destroy their land. Just as Albert has stopped the volcano and saved them all….Albert wakes up to his own garden, where his tiny insect friends have a huge problem of their own. And only giant (in their eyes) Albert can help.

This adventure is big. Huge, in fact! While tortoises are very much modern-day dinosaurs, quirky, fun-loving Albert is of course dreaming of what it would be like to be a bigger version of himself, to which any child (or short person like me) can relate. But it’s all a matter of perspective and this lesson is pointed out brilliantly. Its’ wonderful characterisation, compelling storytelling and vivid, expressive illustrations allows the story to sing with friendship, problem-solving, helping whenever you can and the importance of having big dreams. And with fascinating tortoise facts included, it’s a fabulous storytime book at home or in the classroom. A laugh-out-loud funny tale that inspires curiosity; completely engaging, heartwarming and intriguing; I can’t recommend Albert Supersize (and the others!) highly enough.

Huge Albert-sized thanks to Graffeg Press for sending along another exceptional picture book.

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