It’s Summer! Time for Fletcher and the Rock Pool

Fletcher the Fox brings adventure with him, book after book.In fact, he can find new friends wherever he goes! Each new glimpse into his world is an utter delight! So, it gives me great pleasure to share with you, dear readers, his latest adventure….


author: Julia Rawlinson

illustrator: Tiphanee Beeke

Graffeg Ltd (9 June 2022)

ISBN: 9781914079320

Fletcher and his mum take a long ramble through the woods and over the fields for a special time away. Finally reaching their surprise destination, Fletcher tumbles happily onto the beach, dazzled by the sun, sea and space. Soon, he finds a rockpool full of new friends… but as the sea disappears, they are stranded! Fletcher rushes to the rescue and manages to scoop up Little Crab… but do Fletcher’s new friends really need rescuing?

Fletcher clings to his mums hand, filled with comfort and a bit of nervousness, as they journey away from his familiar surroundings. “Are we there yet?” “Nearly…”; this typical conversation between parent and child leads the way. Then, as they arrive at the beach, a palette of colour bathes the story in warm, shimmering summer light, reflecting the wonder and joy of a new adventure! Each page is just beautiful, echoing and adding even more meaning to the gentle, but intriguing text. As with the other Fletcher books, friendship drives the tale. Fletcher shows how to be a true friend, open to learning about others and being kind and considerate to their needs. He’s a bit of a worrier in his concern, as are most young children going out into the world and meeting new friends. But his mums’ presence, even though it is very much in the background, soothes his nerves and encourages his exploration as he makes his way. Ideas and concepts about different habitats are introduced easily. We travel along Fletchers’ path, seeing the landscape change through its’ plants and wildlife; noticing the tides roll in and out, day turn to night, the effect of the moon on the sea…all within a fascinating, utterly charming story of friendship, kindness, curiosity and the natural world. Fletcher and the Rock Pool is the perfect summertime tale to share and enjoy over and over.

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