Four for Summer (or any time!) from Graffeg

I’m always delighted when a cluster of picture books from Graffeg, Ltd is delivered to my door. So many different stories in a variety of writing and illustration styles to suit any situation, any taste; all completely wonderful. Over the last little while, these four appeared; some are out now, some are coming soon… and I love them all!

Ebb and Flo and the Sea Monster by Jane Simmons (ISBN: 9781802580730; 26 May 2022) continues the series featuring the irrepressible Flo, her friend Ebb, the dog (and don’t forget Bird!) Returning from Grannys’ house, the family are in for a big adventure when their boat hits a sandbank, is stranded and they have to camp out for the night. Ebb and Flo keep a close watch for the mythical Morgawr, but sea monsters don’t really exist…do they? A spell-binding, wondrous story to while away summer evenings and light the imagination! Filled with gentle mystery, reassurance, family love and friendship…with a bit of a surprise at the end, so keep your eyes peeled!

Bob the Dog Gets a Job by Tracey Hammett & Angie Stevens (9781802580815; 16 June 2022) Bob the dog is a very busy dog. She always likes having a job. But her dream job would be…selling ice cream in an ice cream van! Fortunately, it’s the day of the Ice Cream Festival in the Park. After a few rejections, Bob wanders over to the Sports Ground and Mr Flaky needs Bobs’ help! Bob sings along with the vans’ ice cream jingle and soon the customers are quequeing up for Bobs’ ice cream…this really is her dream job. But when the nozzle one the ice cream machine gets stuck, Bob the dog has to think quickly before it becomes an ice cream disaster! With lively illustrations that express all the action and fun perfectly; very, very funny story that encourages resourcefulness, determination and creative thinking. You’ll laugh out loud!

Imagine Eating Lemons: A Childrens’ Introduction to Mindfulness by Jason Rhodes & Richard Dearing (9781802580891; 16 June 2022) Welcome to the woodland world of young Chester Chestnut! Chester is usually a cheerful little chap, but when faced with something new, he gets a bit nervous and he begins to think even bigger nervous thoughts until…“he takes a deep breath in, wiggles his toes, feels his tingly fingertips and tickling in his nose.” As Chester imagines happy things throughout his journey, no matter the situation he gains a better understanding of how his thoughts and feelings work…and what he can do to settle his busy mind and be happier. With vibrant, colourful illustrations and a playful rhyme with easily remembered passages, this story is lovely and perfect for introducing children to the practice of mindfulness. Reassuring, calming, happy, playful; not only does it empower children to understand and help themselves, but it’s a beautiful, gentle book for all.

The Invention by Julia Hubery & James Munro (ISBN: 9781802580907; 21 July 2022) Caretakers’ daughter, Fili lives in a little bit of a very big building. Her neighbours rush in and out, to and fro all day long. Fili is happy when they say “Hello”, but mostly they’re too busy to even notice her. And that makes her very sad. But feeling sad won’t help. What Fili needs is an invention to bring them all together. Before long, Fili discovers that she has invented something really special! Quirky illustrations in expressive line and a limited palette work hand-in-hand with this tale of friendship, imagination and resilience. Encouraging, creative, with a strong sense of community and fun.

Many, many thanks to the wonderful folk at Graffeg Ltd for sharing these wonderful picture books with me!


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