More Ebb and Flo!…Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gulls by Jane Simmon

It’s such a joy to have the Ebb and Flo picture books reprinted by Graffeg, Ltd. Giving us a day-to-day glimpse of life by the sea, there bare always wonderful adventures to be had and wildlife to be seen. Now, it’s time for number four…


author/illustrator: Jane Simmons

Graffeg Ltd (25 August 2022)

ISBN: 9781802580693

Ebb, Flo, Mum and Bird go for a picnic by the shore. It’s a lovely day and Ebb settls down, listening to the waves and the laughing gulls. But soon, some greedy gulls swoop down to eat all the food. Ebb gets the blame and goes off to her favourite place and sulks. Then, a sudden storm blows in. It’s time to go home, but Ebb is nowhere to be seen!

We’ve all had the experience of being blamed for something that was not our fault. (And if you live anywhere near the sea, you know exactly how greedy and bold those gulls can be!) This gentle, yet exciting story of friendship and forgiveness shows us everything we need to know about letting things go, understanding and compassion…and the things that are really important. The palette and soft-edged line give a true sense of the seaside and the changes in the atmosphere; you can almost feel the sand between your toes and the stormy wind and rain against your face! Clever attention is given to the rendering of facial details on all the characters (even the gulls!) so that the expressions allow the reader to understand the feeling behind all the action.

A wonderful story for young children, helping them to gain understanding and empathy; Ebb and Flow and the Greedy Gulls sets family and friendship into the world of nature. Charming, richly illustrated, quietly adventurous and full of life and love. Just read it! A welcome addition to your picture book library.

A huge thanks to Graffeg for sharing this delightful book, and for having the insight to republish them.

Jane Simmons is a children’s author and illustrator and the person behind the Ebb
and Flo picture-book series. Jane studied illustration at Anglia Ruskin University and won the Macmillan Children’s Book Prize in her final 2 years of study. Ebb and Flo picture books were also made into a TV series, aired on Channel 5. The show has been seen in over 120 territories worldwide.

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