Beware! The Light Thieves by Helena Duggan


author: Helena Duggan

cover illustration: Katie Kear

Usborne (1 September 2022)

ISBN: 9781474991094

The earth has shifted on its axis and a mysterious dark mark has appeared on the sun – the whole world is in peril! But billionaire tech genius Howard Hansom has a plan…
With their parents away and Grandad left in charge, Grian’s sister, Solas unwillingly drags him to a PeoplePower rally to hear Howard Hansons’ plan. But Solas soon goes missing and Grian is convinced she has run off to Hansom’s new city to help save the world. When Grian and his two friends Jeffrey and Shelli track her there, they find that nothing and no one is quite what they seem. Even good old reliable, conspiracy-theory tracking Grandad has hidden depths that Grian never expected. Why is everything so secret? Where is the mysterious Area 13? What does Howard Hansom want with all the people he has enticed to live in his city? The days are getting darker but what’s really happening to the sun?

Now…this book is intriguing! An environmental disaster; a billionaire tech guy with a plan to save us all; a missing sister; people living wild in the woods; being chased by sinister cloaked men…what is going on?! Page after page of twists and turns lead the reader on a merry dance to uncover the truth. With a well-written, continuous flow, this pacey tale reveals both the use and abuse of technology, all the while revealing the complex family dynamics we live with day-to-day. Heaps of action, loads of laughs and gasps and a heart-felt brother/sister relationship grab the attention and will not let go as our hero tries to track down his missing sister and get her back home before Mum and Dad realise she’s gone….but it’s not that easy. Grian needs to use all his wits to untangle the technological nightmare set before him. A cast of characters wind through the story, revealing unexpected talents and quirky tech-flips that may just help him, but what about saving the planet? How much of what Grian knows is actually true?

There is so much going on in this book that it may make your head spin a bit as you try to grasp the nuances and details, but hang in there. it’s really worth it. This is the first in a new series by the author of the A Place Called Perfect series and it promises to be just as fabulous. Relatable, clever, thrilling, incredibly imaginative, quirky… and a whole lot of fun!

Happy Book-Birthday to The Light Thieves and congratulations, Helena Duggan. It’s just marvelous!

A Place Called Perfect series by Helena Duggan

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