Fox & Son Tailers by Paddy Donnelly

Fox & Son-Tailers by Paddy Donnelly; The O’Brien Press

Paddy Donnelly never ceases to thoroughly enchant me with his picture books. Storytelling and drawing have always been an important part of his life and his creations, gifted to us through both his illustrations and his writing, take us on imaginative, quirky, heartfelt journeys into the world around us. Here’s his latest…


author/illustrator: Paddy Donnelly

O’Brien Press (5 September 2022)

ISBN: 9781788492768

Rory lived with his Dad, Fox in the busy little town of Ballybrush. Fox was a tailer; his grandad was a tailer; his great-grandad was a tailer. Animals came from all over to have their tails made by Fox. And Rory, of course, helped his Dad in the shop. Tailering is a noble profession passed down through the generations. But Rory was bored…all the same tails made all the same ways. Why couldn’t they try something different? When Rory shows his Dad his flashy, new designs, Fox isn’t so sure. Until a Very Important (and very particular) Peacock appears wanting something very special. This V.I.P wants something A-MAZ-ING!

A charming tale filled with wordplay and expressive pictures, this book is full of personality. It is a wonder that shows the magic of following your dreams and staying true to your own course, regardless of what others (even those closest to you) may think. There is also a solid sense of inter-generational family life; carrying on with traditions while adding that special something of yourself that allows for growth, change and well…life to bloom. With meticulous detail and clever twists of the brush, we visit an animal world not unlike our own, with a variety of creatures who have certain needs and expectations, all of which are met by Fox & Son. But it is Rorys’ dream to offer something unexpected. While first met with a gentle “just do as you’re told,” Rory is determined and quietly perseveres. And it seems he was right all along…we need a bit of “different” in our lives! Quirky, fun, creative, joyous…and heartwarming. Fox & Son Tailer is utterly wonderful!

Thank you to the good folk at The O’Brien Press for sharing this very special “tail” with me. Paddy Donnelly…you are a marvel.

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