Seeking…The Lord of the Forest (by Caroline Pitcher & Nicola Morris)

Happy Book Birthday to a picture book that can only be described as stunning…in every way. Out now, in striking large format, it’s….


author: Caroline Pitcher

illustrator: Nicola Morris

Graffeg Ltd (15 September 2022)

ISBN: 9781802581645

Following Little Tiger from his very first day, we watch him grow and play and learn the ways of his surroundings. Everything he hears is new and exciting. He tells his mother of all the wondrous sounds around him, and always she cautions Little Tiger, “When you don’t hear them, be ready. The Lord of the Forest is here!” But who is the Lord of the Forest? And how and when will Little Tiger find him?

The lyrical text waxes and wanes across the pages of this book, telling us Little Tigers’ tale, gently uncovering many aspects of life as a tiger living in the wild. We learn much. But we are also party to the growing anticipation of the arrival of the Lord of the Forest. Our watchful eyes scan page after page of the most beautiful watercolour paintings revealing the details and atmosphere of the forest. Each illustration is eloquent, filling our eyes with the story in a way that matches the words to perfection and giving us so much more. This is a book holds the wonder and rhythm of this little patch of the natural world, yes. But also, it is an encouraging story that speaks of growing up and recognising the true self when it emerges. Filled with feeling, power, delicacy and the balance of nature; elegant, fascinating…and glorious.

I would like to thank Graffeg Ltd for sharing The Lord of the Forest.


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