WooHoo!!! It’s more Mouse & Mole!!!

Mouse & Mole: Clink, Clank, Clunk! by Joyce Dunbar & James Mayhew

It’s no secret that I love Mouse & Mole! All of these gentle, funny tales of two friends never cease to make me smile and warm my heart. And today is the publication day of their eighth book of adventures; Mouse & Mole: Clink, Clank, Clunk! Let’s see what they get up to….


author: Joyce Dunbar

illustrator: James Mayhew

Graffeg Ltd (22 September 2022)

ISBN: 9781802580877

Mouse hears a lot of clinking, clanking and clunking coming from the shed. It’s Mole, tinkering with their motorbike. But Mole goes a bit too far with his repairs….. One day, Mole becomes worried that he might fall off the roof. What if something is living on their and he has to chase it down? Fortunately, Mouse helps Mole see that really, he has very little to worry about…. While Mouse is preparing a surprise breakfast outdoors, a very confused Mole looks out the window to see Mouse being confronted by a frisky, fluttery ghost! Oh no! Whatever will they do?

Once again, these beautifully written expressions of friendship hit the mark! The drama, misunderstandings and minor mishaps let the reader know there is always an answer to the all too confusing circumstances of daily life, as long as you work together. I love the personalities of Mouse and Mole. Mole is a real dreamer; creative, rather messy and prone to a bit of imaginative exaggeration. Mouse, on the other hand seems more practical; imaginative yes, but a little more down-to-earth in his view…most of the time. The two work well together, asking questions, bouncing solutions back and forth…they are a great pair. The wonderful illustrations capture to tone and action of the story, with a natural palette that gives a reassuring sense of place, while placing the reader firmly in the habitat of Mouse and Mole. And the facial and body expressions! Marvelous!

This is a book of stories meant to be enjoyed and make you think. Is it really necessary to fix something that isn’t broken? Do you really have to worry about things that probably won’t happen? Is everything what you think it is? I always marvel at the adventures and the wisdom of Mouse and Mole. Addressing anxiety and worry (and the aforementioned imaginative exaggeration) with reassurance, gentle humour and keeping its’ theme of friendship and curiosity to the fore, Clink, Clank, Clunk is an utter delight! Charming, witty and comforting…just wonderful!!!

Thank you so very much to Graffeg Ltd for this pre-release copy…what an amazing bit of bookpost! And also, many thanks to both Joyce Dunbar and James Mayhew for creating the continuing saga of Mouse & Mole. https://graffeg.com/products/mouse-mole-clink-clank-clunk


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