Flying Away With Albert…

Is there anything better as the winter weather sets in than to snuggle up with a story that takes us on a memorable adventure? Albert the pet tortoise has become a great book-friend here and this adventure surpasses all the others! Here comes book four in the Albert series…where the most unlikely thing happens….


author: Ian Brown

illustrator: Eoin Clarke

Graffeg Ltd (October 2022)

ISBN: 9781802580174

Albert the pet tortoise loves pottering around his own patch. But he often wonders what his friends get up to outside the garden. He sees his flying friends take off over the fence…but where do they go? What adventures do they have beyond the fences and walls that keep Albert safe? One hot day, while Albert is digging down into the cool ground, he finds himself beyond the garden…Albert is outside! Might as well have a look around. While having a little snack, a chance encounter leaves Albert tangled up in some balloons and before he realises it, Albert is up in the air! Suddenly experiencing the highs and lows of the world beyond his garden, Albert is on an adventure he will never forget…but will he ever make it back home? Don’t worry, Albert. Your friends are on the case!

This is book four in the Albert series and it has all the freshness and hilarity of the others. With expert storytelling, Ian Brown builds drama and excitement that whisks us along with Albert on his great escape. It is a short and sweet adventure, but it is fabulous in every way. Albert is a great character, stumbling from surprises to mishaps, bringing a taste of philosophy and reflection along the way. The bright, characterful illustrations by artist, designer and animator, Eoin Clarke are filled with expression and those little details that grab the attention and demand laughter. And, as per usual, there are more tortoise facts and figures on the back page inspiring curiosity and fascination. In no time at all, you too will be an expert on these modern day dinosaurs. You will never get tired of reading about Albert. Quirky, hilarious, full of friendship…these books just keep on giving.


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