Happy Christmas to All….

Well that’s a wrap over on the Advent Calendar of Books page. We have arrived at Christmas Eve. If you haven’t had a look yet, please do. Personally, I think there are some wonderful books there! Now I’m going to settle in to the festivities here…a small family visit today, there are still p resents to be wrapped, food to be made and Santa tracker is up and running and the Big Man is on his way across the globe.

I will be back next week with a very special book review (that this busy season found me neglecting) and also…my best books of 2021. Then it will be the New Year and time for this blogger to take a bit of a break. Burn-out has been particularly strong this year. (You may have noticed.)

But in the meantime, I was you all a very Happy Christmas and, especially a wondrous Jolabokaflod!

illustration by Jenny Nystrom

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